Carpet & Rug Cleaning 

 Quick drying/No residue/Eco-safe products

BASIC Clean -Spot Treated, Deodorized. (Appearance Clean)$35.00/Area

PREMIUM Clean -Spot Treated, Agitation, Deodorized (Deep Clean)$55.00/Area

PREMIER Clean -Deep Clean, Anti-Soil Protection Treatment $65.00/Area

Specialty Spot -Ink, Paint, Grease, Gum, Candy. $3.00/Spot

Pet Spots/Odors -Topical Enzymes/Odor Eating Bacteria. $10.00/Area

Steps-$2-4.00/Step Hallways-$20.00 Protection-$10.00/Area Rugs-$1.00/Sq.ft                     

(An "AREA"  may be defined as two or three rooms depending on the size and sq.feet)

 Upholstery Cleaning 

 Quick drying/VLM method/Eco-safe products

 We can clean most any fabric, including leather and it's amazing what a little TLC can do! Enjoy quick dry times and products that are safe for you and your family. We also offer service for restaurants, and businesses too! Spot Treated, Scrubbed, Deodorized and Protected.

Sofa/Sectional $100.00-$225.00 Loveseat $70.00

Recliner $35.00 Ottomans/Chairs $15.00

Leather items - +$40.00 charge

professional/streak-free/complete care

 Windows/Solar Panels 

We are the perfect fit for your home or business when it comes to windows. We know you want to keep them looking their best,and brightest! We use our professional deionized Waterfed Pole System to clean the Panes, Sills, and the Screens for a full service clean. We can wash windows inside and out up to 3 stories high!


Small-$4.00 Medium-$6.00 Large-$8.00

Solar Panels-$15.00 Skylight/Oversized-$10.00


 Mobile Auto/RV Cleaning 

Mobile/quick drying/Eco-safe products

Service includes shampooing all interior carpeting and upholstery. We clean windows inside/out, interior vinyl, plastic, vents, and console areas. Leather seats will also be cleaned and conditioned. We can clean RV's and campers,and our mobile service can meet you at your home or business to get the job done.

Coupes $115.00  Sedans $130.00 Vans/SUV's $160.00

Extreme Odor Removal - $20.00 RV's/Campers - $225-350.00

Pet Hair Removal - $50.00

(Please remove all personal effects prior to cleaning)

Disinfectant Services 

 SANITIZED/ANTI-VIRUS/Eco-safe products

Disinfectants are chemical agents applied to non-living objects in order to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold or mildews living on the object. Our electrostatic foggers coat all surfaces completely, and we use disinfectant formulas that are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Electrostatic ULV Disinfectant Fogging - $0.25/SQ/FT

 Flexible/Detailed/Eco-safe products

Commercial Services 

We can handle all your Office Cleaning needs! Pay your employees to work, let us handle the details. Top to bottom cleaning provides a happy, healthier work space! Our rates are $40.00/hr. and our service is guaranteed!  We can work with your schedule,with our products or even ones you prefer. Cleaning when it's convenient for you.

 Air Duct Cleaning 

air quality/Allergens/furnace health

Service includes our state of the art Brush-less Positive Pressure system cleaning, using high pressure forced air to thoroughly remove harmful allergens, debris, and smells. It provides a cleaner healthier living environment as well as improving air flow efficiency in your HVAC system.

Vents - $12.00/pc Returns - $15.00/pc Supply Lines/$50.00 Blower fans $40.00 Dryer vents $35-50.00

clean/effective/Eco-safe products

 Tile/Grout/Stone Cleaning 

I'ts one of the toughest surfaces to clean, and also one of the most noticeable when it's dirty. We offer a full service clean that gets deep into the porous material and extracts the dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Grout - $1.50/sq.ft. Tile/Stone $1.00/sq.ft. Sealant $.50/sq.ft.