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We firmly believe it’s our job to manage the quality of your facilities cleaning, not yours. This means you are free to spend time managing your business, not the cleaning crew. Since the cleanliness of your building can affect employee health, customer impressions and productivity, working with a professional janitorial crew can have a significant impact on your business. You, your staff and your clients are able to reap the benefits of a sanitary environment with no hassle or stress.

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Commercial Janitorial Services

While general office cleaning and janitorial services may seem to be interchangeable, they are quite different from one another. Our expert janitorial staff is extensively trained to know which chemical products are best suited to a particular use, how to maintain sanitary conditions and how to care for a variety of flooring types to ensure they are always looking their best. We offer a fully customizable janitorial services package designed to keep your facility in peak condition. $50.00/Hour

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