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FLOOD WATER/Storm Damage/Basement Floods

Water damage can come from many sources including flooded basements, heavy rains, sewage back-ups, toilet or bathtub overflows, flooding, or ice dams. No matter the source of water damage, Orion can clean your home or business and restore your property to a healthy environment. Don’t wait to contact our clean-up professionals – your health may depend on it.

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Water Damage Clean-Up

 Once we have walked through the plan with you and you have signed off, we will begin the extraction and drying process. It is extremely important that this be done by professionals like us, because if it isn’t, you run the risk of your property being exposed to more damage. If the water isn’t completely dried out, it can lead to structural damage of wooden beams and drywall, and can also create the perfect habitat for mold to grow and thrive. $60.00/Hour

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