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Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning care experts have extensive experience deep cleaning and refinishing high quality engineered wood (LVP/VCT), and hardwood floors. We will make your home's hardwood floors look their best. When you hire us, you're hiring a premier company with a history of exceptional performance and a reputation for total satisfaction!

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Strip/Seal & Polish

Hardwood floors can become dirty and won’t quite shine like new for several reasons. Entryways are usually the most abused area of the floor in your home. Dirt, sand, and water continue to build and build, which leaves obvious, ugly wear & tear. Even in the less traveled areas of your home, average traffic will start to dull down the floors, which is why it’s recommended that you have your hardwood floors periodically cleaned and polished professionally.

$1.50/ SQ FOOT

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Screen & Recoat

If your hardwood floors have light surface blemishes and scratches, our screen and recoat service may be the best option for floors; especially if your floors have lost their sheen and are no longer appealing like they once were. Our screen and recoat process is for light, surface-level scratches on your hardwood floors where the layer of is wearing down. Our screen and recoat service does not however remove scratches  that have gone down into the wood.

$2.00/SQ FOOT

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Deep Scrub & Polish

Hardwood floor cleaning and buffing is not an aggressive process, but having the right tools is essential in removing dirt and grime to restore them like new. With our thorough clean and buff method we'll have your floors looking great again in no time. We'd love the opportunity to stop by and provide an assessment for your floors.

$0.80 SQ FOOT

Wood Floor Cleaning Service Hopkins, MN

Wax Removal

 Wax can make your hardwood floors look ugly, and over time, it makes them chipped and stained. Our system can remove all the wax, and put a brand new finish on top of your hardwood floors. We’ll make your hardwood floors good as new with our specially designed hardwood floor cleaner. 

   $0.50 SQ FOOT

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