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Eco-safe/Hypo-allergenic/all sizes

Mattresses can harbor dust mites, dead skin, dirt, and other debris, which means they need to be cleaned regularly—particularly if you suffer from allergies, have pets, or spills. We use high-temperature water that's injected and then suctioned away, blasts of steam are used to kill dust mites and bacteria.

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Mattress Cleaning

 The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours in bed. We offer mattress cleaning methods which remove dust and dust mites, dead skin, pet odors, blood and other unidentifiable stains.
California King- King- $120.00
Queen-Full- $100.00
Twin-Twin XL- $70.00 Single- $50.00

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