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air quality/removes Allergens/furnace health

Air Duct Cleaning Service includes a color camera inspection of all ductworks. Our state of the art Brush-less Positive Air Pressure system uses high pressure forced air remove harmful allergens, debris, and dust from your vents. It provides a cleaner healthier living environment as well as improving air flow efficiency in your HVAC system.

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Vents/Pipe Lines

These are the most common ducts in your home, they are in nearly every room in your home. It's important to keep these clean and free of debris to help your air flow efficiently
Vents - $15.00/vent

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Mains/Stack Lines

These are the main arteries of the HVAC system, and they should be kept free of dust and debris to help maintain the HVAC efficiency at it's highest level. It's important to keep these clean as they have the most air travel of all the vent lines in your home.
Main Supply Lines - $50.00/line

Air Duct Cleaning Service Hopkins, MN

Air Return Lines

These are the Cold Air Returns which cycle your homes air back down into the furnace where it flows through the air filter and back up into circulation. It's important to clean these as they are usually the dirtiest vents in your home and removing debris and dust from them vastly improves your air quality.
Cold Air Returns - $20.00/vent

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Blower Fans/AC Coils/Dryers

The Blower fan moves air through the HVAC system, and the A/C Coil cools the free-flow air running through your home along with the A/C unit outside the home. It's important to keep these all clean to maintain HVAC efficiency and Dryer Vents should be inspected and kept clean to prevent fires.
Blower Fan - $40.00   
A/C Coil - $40.00
Dryer Vent - $50.00

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