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Mobile service/quick drying/Eco-safe products

Our Mobile Auto Detailing Service includes vacuum and deep clean steam cleaning all interior carpeting, upholstery and 1 set of mats. We clean all inside fixtures, interior vinyl, chrome, air vents, console areas, and those hard to reach spots too! We are able to providevehicle cleaning for RV's and 5th wheel camper interiors, and our mobile auto detailing service can meet you at your home or your business!

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Full Interior Detailing

Our Full Interior Detail Package includes complete vacuuminand thorough dusting of the dash and door components. We pre-condition the seats and floorboards and then scrub, flush and extract with clean water. We wash the floormats and condition rubber/vinyl mats. Finally we clean the inside windows and apply our UV protection to the vinyl, plastic, rubber and seats.
2-4 Door SedansLight Trucks - $175.00
Small SUV's, Medium Trucks - $200.00
SUV's, Vans, Full Size Trucks - $250.00

Mobile Auto Detailing Service Hopkins, MN

RV's/5th Wheel Campers

You can expect to pay around $15.00 per ft. for an interior cleaning on most RV's and campers. However, RV detailing prices can double with older models, particularly if they have heavy soiling or mold/mildew. For $30.00 per ft. You can purchase an interior deep cleaning package that will include stain removal.

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More Services

Headlight Restoration - $40.00 
Pet hair and odor removal -  $25.00
Rubber/Vinyl Restoration - $40.00 
Additional Floor Mats - $20.00 - set of 4 mats
Headliner Cleaning - $25.00-$50.00 
Specialty Spot Cleaning - $25.00 - $50.00 

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Fabric Protection

Our Fabric Protection helps reduce the impact that inevitable spills do to carpet fibers and adds additional anti-soiling protection so that your carpets look better for much longer. 
$15.00/Item or Area

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